Astra Rugless D.Hom is a graduate of the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy in Culver City and has her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from California State Northridge. In addition to being a Homeopath, she is a Certified Cease Therapist and Reiki Practitioner.

She specializes in the acute and chronic treatment of men, women, and animals, with a focus on the healing for a variety of issues. Mrs. Rugless also encourages a healthy and holistic lifestyle through her consultations for optimum health, and as a Cease Therapist her focus is to educate and help with the treatment of issues stemming from autistic diagnosis.

Astra is currently the secretary of the California Homeopathic Medical Society, whose goal is to bring awareness and visibility of the therapeutic benefits of homeopathy in both the natural and Allopathic field of medicine.

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